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Humboldt-Innovation links science, business and society with services in the fields of applied research, business start-ups and events. As a 100% subsidiary-company of Humboldt-Universität of Berlin, we are aiming to make research, innovations and resources available.

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Das Startup Staex gewinnt zum zweiten Mal den Deep Tech Award

Staex wins Deep Tech Award again

18.07.2024 – Staex wins Deep Tech Award in the category Web3.0 - DLT, Blockchain, NFT & Metaverse
Raman-Spektroskopie mit Goldmembran

New method for surface examination with ultra-thin gold membrane

25.06.2024 – New method developed that amplifies the Raman signal from surfaces up to 1,000 times and thus makes it measurable.
C1 Green Chemicals AG Startup News

Deutsche Welle report about C1 AG: Climate protection through green methanol

13.06.2024 – Deutsche Welle features C1 Green Chemicals AG that has developed new catalysis procedure for affordable, efficient mass production of green methanol.
Mimotype Gründer im Interview

Interview: Founders of nanotechnology startup Mimotype

We asked the founders about their future plans, co-working as brothers and what advice they give tech-founders.
Team Noah Labs

HI:LIGHTS: Detecting heart health through the voice

23.05.2024 – AI-based cardiovascular telemonitoring platform "Noah Labs Ark" by startup Noah Labs is already on the market. Voice-based AI software for early detection of heart failure will follow.

Transfer BONUS: AI answers calls in medical practices

HU-Startup Aaron.ai relieves over 3,000 medical practices with their product, an AI, which handles incoming calls from patients, processes, and prioritizes them.
Solution for Long Covid?

Transfer BONUS: Is there soon a new substance against Long Covid?

30.04.2024 – Is active ingredient BC 007 usable as a medication for Corona infection? Since 2023, a study on the effectiveness of the active ingredient in Long Covid has been ongoing.
HILIGHTS Life Multi Peat

HI:LIGHTS: Collaboration of HI and NABU: Restoration of peatlands in several countries

23.04.2024 – If bogs lose their function, this has fatal consequences. NABU is working on renaturation.
Inuru Factory

HI:LIGHTS: Inuru opens own factory: Interactive packaging in mass production soon?

19.04.2024 – HU startup Inuru opened its own factory in Wildau in March. Mass production of OLED displays should thus become possible.

HI:LIGHTS: Pioneering work for more efficient food production

26.03.2024 – Mimotype produces composite materials that harness unproductive parts of sunlight for the growth of plants.
Noah Labs Projekt

Voice analysis for heart detection

11.03.2024 – HU alumni startup Noah Labs receives 1.5 million euros in funding from EIT Health to further develop the PRE-DETECT-HF project. Congratulations!
greenCHEM Logo

Brand Launch of greenCHEM

06.03.2024 – greenCHEM celebrates brand launch. greenCHEM is an initiative of 29 partners from Berlin/Brandenburg to transform the chemical industry for the benefit of the environment.

Innovation Lab: Innovation competencies for students

Master's students at HU learn innovation methods and develop problem solutions for Berlin companies in the field of AI and Advanced Materials.
Humboldt erklärt

Humboldt Explains - Report Inventions and benefit from them

How do I recognize if I have an invention? How do I register it? And when does a patent arise?
Ambassador Board

Ambassador Board for the Humboldt Founders Club

Humboldt Founders Club - Business network for founders from Humboldt University in Berlin - establishes Ambassador Board.
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