Volker Hofmann

Volker Hofmann

Managing Director
+49 30 2093 70760

Volker Hofmann manages the company since 2014. Prior to that he was responsible for the startupservice of Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin and has worked for an Asian-based consultancy. The Berlin-born alumnus of the university holds a degree in business administration and serves in several boards.

Gamze Akay

Gamze Akay

Office Management
+49 30 2093 70752

Gamze Akay is responsible for office management at Humboldt-Innovation. She takes care of all general inquiries, IT management as well as recruiting. Alongside to working at HI, she studies industrial engineering.


Christine Kapps

Research Service | Contracting & Human Resources
+49 30 2093 70777

Christine Kapps is responsible for the legal execution and contractual design of research and industry-based projects, as well as managing human ressources. She draws on a wealth of perennial professional experience as syndic in a tax accountancy and auditing firm.


Jens Fenzau

Research Service | Contracting
+49 30 2093 70776

Jens Fenzau, LL.M.Eur., is responsible for the legal execution and contractual design of research and industry-based projects, as well as managing other legal issues. He draws on a wealth of perennial professional experience as attorney-at-law among others within the field of contract law. 


Thomas Wagner

Team Lead Startup Service
+49 30 2093 70773

Thomas Wagner (Diplom-Betriebswirt) has several years of professional experience in supporting entrepreneurs. He is responsible for consulting and supporting start-up projects at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin.


Katja Brunner

Startup Service (in cooperation with Servicezentrum Forschung)
+49 30 2093 46626

Katja Brunner is the project coordinator for the Berlin Startup Grant and has represented the project since its start in 2016. She is the contact person and central contact point for the founders and project partners, responsible for the coordination of qualification, marketing and events and makes sure that the whole project runs smoothly.

Katharina Heinrich

Katharina Heinrich

Startup Service (in cooperation with Servicezentrum Forschung)
+49 30 2093 70765

Katharina Heinrich (M.A. Media Management) worked as an innovation consultant and business designer before joining the Startupservice at Humboldt-Universität. With the help of her practical experience in the user-centred development of business models and her enthusiasm for the Berlin start-up scene, she provides methodical and practical support to those interested in founding a company at HU.

Charlotte Sigel

Charlotte Sigel

Startup Service | Cluster Management Sustainability & Society
+49 30 2093 46606

Charlotte Sigel (M. Sc. Industrial Engineer) works for us in the Science & Startups network and as project coordinator of the Berlin Startup Scholarship Health. She is our link between the Senate, founders and project partners and draws on her experience in project management in the public sector and her focus on sustainable innovation.


Diana Matz

Startup Service
+49 30 2093 70766

Diana Matz, graduate economist, advises all those interested in founding the HU on their startup projects and is the contact person for the EXIST program. As a sparring partner, she supports founders in the development of their ideas and contributes her many years of experience in startup consulting

Nikolas Blischke

Nikolas Blischke

Team Lead Event Service
+49 30 2093 70778

Nikolas Blischke has been managing the HI Event Service since the beginning of 2022. He has many years of experience in the organisation and implementation of events of all formats and has an excellent network in the event industry.



Sandra Karutz

Event Service
+49 30 2093 70752

Sandra Karutz has many years of project experience in the creative industries. She is responsible for event management and provides support in the areas of planning, organisation and implementation of events.

Alec Helm

Alec Helm

Event Service
+49 30 2093 70750

Alec Helm (M.A. Philosophy) has many years of experience in planning and implementing a wide variety of events and supports the event service team.

Sebastian Kiss

Sebastian Kiss

Innovation Management (in cooperation with Servicezentrum Forschung)
+49 (0) 30 2093 70764

Sebastian Kiss studied media cultural studies and media management in Cologne. He supports the team with his several years of experience in the field of innovation-related services. His tasks include raising awareness for and promoting knowledge and technology transfer at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin.

Katrin Schütz

Dr. Katrin Schütz

Team Lead Academy
+49 30 2093 46614

Dr. Katrin Schütz (social scientist) is Team Leader Academy and is responsible for the transfer area of academic continuing education and innovation teaching in the Innovation and Transfer department. She has many years of experience in the academy business and in the field of continuing education.

Dr. Isabelle Harbrecht

Dr. Isabelle Harbrecht

Academy | CCTC Coordination
+49 30 2093 70751

Dr. Isabelle Harbrecht is responsible for the China Competence Training Center. She holds a doctorate in sinology and has lived and worked in China for a total of ten years. She has established and developed international cooperation in the university and foundation sector in China, Central Asia, Mongolia, Japan, North and South Korea and Israel, among others.

Anett Lommatzsch

Anett Lommatzsch

Academy | HU Innovation Labs
+49 30 2093 70756

Anett Lommatzsch runs the Innovation Labs at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. She has many years of experience as a coach and consultant and works as a process facilitator in sustainability-oriented organizational and strategic development. As an HU alumna, she holds a master's degree in English/American Studies, Political Science and Sociology.

Selina Byfield

Selina Byfield

Academy | HU Innovation Labs
+49 30 2093 46613

As part of the "HU Innovation Labs", Selina Byfield is responsible for setting up and managing a network for HU alumni the Berlin industry. To the project, she contributes her extensive experience in networking at the interface between academia and business, as well as in the realm of social entrepreneurship.


André Nikolski

André Nikolski

Strategic Projects
+49 30 2093 70761

André Nikolski (M.Sc. Economis and Management) has been working with founders and startups for more than 10 years. With his experience in building coworking spaces and accelerators, he supports various strategic projects to expand our locations and our offering for startups in Berlin.


Carina Braselmann

Team Lead Innovation Marketing & Partnerships
+49 30 2093 70759

Carina Braselmann holds a degree in german literature and cultural studies. Since many years she has been working as a specialist for international marketing and business development. She is in authority for marketing and the development of strategic partnerships within knowledge and technology transfer.


Friederike Laun

Innovation Marketing | Startup Alumni Management (in cooperation with Servicezentrum Forschung)
+49 30 2093 70767

Friederike Laun (M.A. Intercultural Communication) has diverse experience in project and event management as well as marketing and PR. Through her previous activities she has profound knowledge of the academic start-up scene. She is responsible for the strategy, the development and the support of the HU-Alumni-Startup-Network.

Silvia Friedrich Social Media Managerin

Silvia Friedrich

Innovation Marketing | Social Media Management
+49 (0) 30 2093 70780

Silvia Friedrich has a degree in business administration and commercial training. She has been working in online marketing and e-commerce since 2013 and is supporting the Innovation Marketin in content management for social media and the company website.

Sophie Wilhelm

Sophie Wilhelm

Innovation Marketing | Marketing & PR
+49 30 2093 70775

Sophie Wilhelm is studying for a master's degree in sociology and is part of the marketing team as a student trainee. She has several years of experience in PR and supports the Innovation Marketing in internal and external communication.

madlen holz

Madlen Holz

Innovation Marketing | Design & Conception
+49 30 2093 70761

Madlen Holz is a qualified designer (Dipl.-Des.) with many years of wide-ranging professional experience from a variety of companies such as media agencies, publishing houses, e-commerce and the film industry. She supports the Innovation Marketing in the conception and design of print, web and moving image media.


Franziska Olhorn

Store Management HumboldtStore und Innovation Marketing | Design
+49 30 2093 70768

Franziska Olhorn is a trained graphic designer and has been working for cultural and art projects in Berlin for ten years. Since 2011, she has been responsible for the design of all Humboldt-Innovation's business units as well as the HumboldtStore and the shop at the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin. And she has been managing the HumboldtStore since 2022.


Heike Vogelsang

Store Management Museumsshop
+49 30 2093 70774

Heike Vogelsang was self-employed for many years as a merchant in retail. She has already designed, built and maintained several webshops. Her focus is on the online shop management, customer care, marketing ideas, online marketing, assortment care, purchasing and sales.


Jana Bolte

Team Lead Finances
+49 30 2093 70753

Jana Bolte leads and is responsible for finance. With her many years of professional experience, the business economist ensures cost and performance transparency for Humboldt-Innovation.

Nicole Kossatz

Nicole Kossatz

+49 30 2093 70755

Nicole Kossatz, is a graduate in business administration (FH) with many years of professional experience in finance and accounting from various companies. She enjoys taking care of the accounting for HI's research and K.I.E.Z. projects, among others.

Melano Beier

Melano Beier

+49 30 2093 70754

Melano Beier successfully completed her training in a tax office and learned the profession of a tax clerk. She is responsible for the internal accounting of HI and for the accounting of various projects of the store in the Natural History Museum, the consulting projects, the continuing education courses and the Startupservice of HI.