Algofaktur GmbH

Founder: Marius Eilbrecht
Sascha Stübing
Niklas Treutner
Founded in: 2019
Department / Institute:
Computer Science
Prof. Meffert

Algofaktur offers manufacturing companies a retrofit system for optical quality control and digitalization of machine data for condition monitoring.

An improvement in quality control is achieved by a new method in which machine data are used for evaluation in addition to high-resolution camera images.

By combining optical quality control with the merged information of further sensors (machine data), the quality and significance of the analysis can be improved. The customer can use the system to continuously monitor the condition of the machines and take appropriate measures in time, e.g. for maintenance (predictive maintenance).  In addition, all digitized machine data can also be used to network production to support production data acquisition.

It does not matter which manufacturer the production machines are from or which interfaces they have, as the necessary data is measured by our own sensors and transmitted wirelessly. In addition to the possibility of process optimization, the customer can use the system to carry out a 100% inspection of his products without additional effort and with the same precision every time.  This enables him to provide more precise information about the quality of his batch and ultimately increase customer satisfaction.

The unique selling proposition of the system of algofaktur is that companies receive both a digitalisation of their machine data (with all the advantages in terms of Industry 4.0) and an automatic, optical quality control by means of a low-cost system and can therefore continue to use their old machines in a modern and networked production environment.

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