Funding & Financing

Within the framework of the Humboldt Startup Programme, the Prepare Phase, the Launch Phase including the Berliner Startup Stipendium and EXIST, offers attractive sponsorships for all startup phases*.  We also support funded startups in securing follow-up financing.

* The precondition for such support is that, at the beginning of the support, the company has not yet been set up and has not yet started economic activities

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Prepare Programme

Prepare supports the further development of the founding idea and the application for the Berlin Startup Grant and EXIST, including support services such as jobs, consulting and startup ecosystem.

Berliner Startup Stipendium

The Berlin Startup Grant supports innovative, technology-based start-up projects (2-4 persons) in the development of a marketable prototype. Scholarship holders receive a monthly grant of 2,000 euros for 6 - 15 months as well as access to infrastructure and supporting coaching and qualification modules.

EXIST Business Start-up Grant

The EXIST Business Start-up Grant accompanies innovative, technology or knowledge-based startup projects (max. 3 persons) on their way to a business plan. Funded projects are supported for one year with up to approx. 150,000 euros as well as access to infrastructure and supporting coaching and consulting services.

EXIST Transfer of Research

EXIST Transfer of Research supports particularly research-intensive projects in two funding phases of 18 months each on the way to founding and further developing a company. In the first phase, up to 250,000 euros and a maximum of four additional staff positions as well as infrastructure and supporting coaching services are provided.

Bridge to Market

Bridge-to-Market (B2M) ist ein Vorgründungsprogramm für den Bereich KI vom K.I.E.Z - Künstliche Intelligenz Entrepreneurship Zentrum. Im Rahmen des Programms werden KI-Projekte schnell und unbürokratisch unterstützt. Es wird geprüft, ob sie valide und technisch machbar sind und ob eine Unternehmensgründung in Frage kommt. Außerdem ist eine Förderung mit Stipendien und Sachmitteln möglich.


With EXIST Women by Science & Startups, a total of 30 women interested in entrepreneurship have the opportunity to become familiar with the topics of founding and professional independence. The program is designed for graduates, female scientists, students, and women with professional qualifications who aspire to start solo or in a team.

Follow-up Funding

The Humboldt Startupservice uses its experience and network to support its startups in securing follow-up fundings, both from private (venture capital, business angels) and public investors (grants, banks).


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Startup Programm

Humboldt Startup-Program

All information about the admission criteria, the process and the support services!


Entrepreneur traineeship

Our startup courses for Bachelor's, Master's and researchers provide the tools for entering the startup world— including credit points.


Humboldt Founders Club

The Humboldt Founders Club is the network for founders from the environment of Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin.


Startup Incubator

Our startup incubators in Mitte and Adlershof offer the necessary infrastructure and exchange platform for successful company development.

Coaching & Mentoring

Consulting, Mentoring & Coaching

External expertise and experience are essential for a successful startup. Our startup consultants and our entire network of coaches and academic mentors are available for this purpose.


Thematic programs

Programs with a thematic focus support researchers, innovators and start-ups in specific specialist areas such as AI or quantum technology.


Startup Portfolio

Over 170 companies have already been founded with the support of Humboldt-Innovation.