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Berliner Startup Stipendium

The Berlin Startup Scholarship (BSS) supports innovative, technology-based startup projects (2-4 persons) in the development of a marketable prototype. Scholarship holders receive a stipend of 2,000 euros per team member as well as access to infrastructure and supporting coaching and qualification modules. The funding duration is between 6 - 15 months, depending on the program and the needs or phase of the startup. 

Programs and Application Dates

Sustainable City

Smart food and agriculture, green energy, new forms of mobility, sustaining our mental health, developing new ideas for the workplace, shaping a circular economy, developing new materials for new technology, making digitalization, media literacy and cyber security a priority – these subjects and so many more will be needed in the near future for sustainable, smart, digital cities and the people inhabitating them. This is exactly where your research is headed? Then apply for a Berliner Startup Stipendium!

The next batch starts on 01.01.2023. Application deadline is 27.10.2022.


Are you a researcher, student, alumni, PhD candidate or post-doc from the health sector? You have an idea, maybe already the idea for a product or service in the fields of diagnostics, therapy, nursing, rehabilitation, health care, and quality of life in case of illness and injury? Apply to receive funding and coaching to startup your solution.

No applications are possible at the moment.

Contact and Consultation

Our contact partners will be happy to advise you personally on funding opportunities. Call or e-mail us - or book a free initial consultation directly in our appointment calendar.


Katja Brunner
BSS Advisor Sustainable City

(030) 2093-46626
katja.brunner (at)

Julius Lauenstein
BSS Advisor Health

(030) 2093-46606
julius.lauenstein (at)

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Who is being funded?

  • Founding teams with 2 to 4 sponsored persons, who ...

    • have a university degree (at least Bachelor)

    • work full time on the startup project

    • have their place of residence in Berlin (registration address)

What is being funded?

  • Innovative start-up idea (preferably technology-based)

  • First "proof of principle" is already available (e.g. mockup, laboratory sample)

  • Development of a marketable prototype within the funding period seems plausible

  • A professor (or post-doctoral research assistant) from the supporting university accompanies the startup project as a mentor

How is support provided?

  • Monetary: 2.000 Euro per month per person (GDP)

  • Infrastructure: Free office space in the Startup-Incubator Mitte or Adlershof as well as free use of laboratory space at the university if required

  • Know-How: Free coaching and consulting by the start-up service, consulting and qualification modules and integration into the start-up ecosystem of the Humboldt University of Berlin

  • Funding duration: "Sustainable City" 6-12 months, "Health" 12-15 months, depending on topic, progress and individual needs.

How do I apply?

3 steps to apply for the Berliner Startup Stipendium:

  1. Arrange an initial consultation appointment with us
  2. Submit application documents before the deadline (received after positive outcome of the initial consultation)
  3. Convince in pitch before a jury of experts (invitation after positive assessment of the application documents)

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