Founder: Johannes Gomolka
Guido Draheim
Mark-David Draheim
Dirk Reuter
Founded in: 2008
Department / Institute:

Tempelhoves software is based on the "pre-execution analysis" of financial market data. Special algorithms from physics and in particular from chaos theory (Econophysics) are applied. Similar algorithms are already successfully used in nuclear research, radio astronomy, earthquake prediction and molocular genetics to analyze "fuzzy information". Research has shown that short-term analysis of chaotic data provides much more accurate results than determining long-term trends using smoothed data.

Name Department / Institute Gründungsjahr Mentor
Creatext Economics 2020 Prof. Lessmann
Decision Institute GmbH Economics 2008 Prof. Wickström
ecodoc GmbH Economics 2010 Prof. Günther
INHUBBER UG (haftungsbeschränkt) Economics 2019 Prof. Lessmann
inVenture Economics 2021
Offerista Group GmbH Economics 2008 Prof. Günther
SkillMap GmbH Economics 2008
sofatutor GmbH Economics 2008 Prof. Paulssen
TripLegend Economics 2020 Prof. Lessmann
tvype GmbH Economics 2010 Prof. Günther
Webedia GmbH Economics 2006
WorkHub GmbH Economics 2011 Prof. Mendling