tvype GmbH

Founder: Daniel Holle
Founded in: 2010
Department / Institute:
Prof. Günther

Many messages only become alive and comprehensible through (moving) images. Often it is a single photo that goes around the world thanks to authentic visual language. However, editorial teams of photographers or cameras are not always present at important events. Thanks to today's mobile technology, events can be taken by anyone on the go via camera phone and digicam and posted on the Internet.

tvype sees itself here as an interface between mobile citizen reporters on the one hand, and professional journalists on the other. New image material is thus available at tvype at an early stage and can be called up for the classic news channels. The vision is anchored in the origin of the name "TV + Hype", which is to make the dream of the big media story come true thanks to its own video evidence. tvype enables citizen reporters to become personally known through their content, to educate about local events and to earn money by marketing their live content. In an open news archive, "tvyper" content is made available to the community for evaluation and discussion. Especially active photographers and video journalists thus get a platform to achieve a higher level of awareness and to exploit further monetization potential. Editorial offices in turn get professionalized and structured access to highly topical and news-relevant video and image content for all occasions at any time. Through pre-selection and legal review, license management and personalized search, tvype offers news editors a simple and fast way to integrate user-generated content into their reporting. Editors save the costs and organizational effort of building their own citizen reporter community. With tvype you benefit from up-to-date, exclusive and regional image material without leaving the editorial offices.

Name Department / Institute Gründungsjahr Mentor
Creatext Economics 2020 Prof. Lessmann
Decision Institute GmbH Economics 2008 Prof. Wickström
ecodoc GmbH Economics 2010 Prof. Günther
INHUBBER UG (haftungsbeschränkt) Economics 2019 Prof. Lessmann
inVenture Economics 2021
Offerista Group GmbH Economics 2008 Prof. Günther
SkillMap GmbH Economics 2008
sofatutor GmbH Economics 2008 Prof. Paulssen
Tempelhove Research UG Economics 2008
TripLegend Economics 2020 Prof. Lessmann
Webedia GmbH Economics 2006
WorkHub GmbH Economics 2011 Prof. Mendling