Decision Institute

Founder: Cornelius Schaub
Dr. Martin Schilling
Founded in: 2008
Department / Institute:
Prof. Wickström

The solution competence of DI includes strategy development, strategic control and resource efficiency. Thematic competence lies in particular in the areas of demography & labour, location & economy, education & social affairs, innovation and modern governance. The consulting approach combines strategic competence with decision-relevant analyses and the expertise of the clients. The DI team members see themselves as innovative lateral thinkers. They support strategic directional decisions and activate existing potential in order to secure approval within and outside the organization and to increase the success of the organization in the long term.

The DI network at the intersection of science and practice ensures application-oriented knowledge. DI cooperates with the London School of Economics, Stanford University and the Decision Analysis Society, as well as the DI Expert Network and Founding Advisory Board. Seminars are held to impart skills and knowledge on strategic organizational management and decision-making - for example, through programs at the Hertie School of Governance.

Name Department / Institute Gründungsjahr Mentor
Creatext Economics 2020 Prof. Lessmann
ecodoc GmbH Economics 2010 Prof. Günther
INHUBBER UG (haftungsbeschränkt) Economics 2019 Prof. Lessmann
inVenture Economics 2021
Offerista Group GmbH Economics 2008 Prof. Günther
SkillMap GmbH Economics 2008
sofatutor GmbH Economics 2008 Prof. Paulssen
Tempelhove Research UG Economics 2008
TripLegend Economics 2020 Prof. Lessmann
tvype GmbH Economics 2010 Prof. Günther
Webedia GmbH Economics 2006
WorkHub GmbH Economics 2011 Prof. Mendling