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Transfer BONUS: AI answers calls in medical practices


And again, the call doesn't get through to the doctor's office, you're stuck in the waiting loop, or you encounter stressed practice staff who can no longer cope with the immense number of calls. A situation that costs valuable time and is exhausting for all involved.

AI on the line 

Fortunately, there are innovative startups like, founded in 2015, that utilize artificial intelligence for the purpose of better medical care. is one of numerous startups whose founding story began at the Startup Service of Humboldt University in Berlin and which were supported through the EXIST startup grant. The company's innovation is an artificial intelligence capable of conducting dynamic human-machine dialogues, analyzing them, and functioning as a digital practice assistant to answer, prioritize, and process calls. advances product development with Transfer BONUS

At the outset, lacked the necessary funds to develop their idea, so they applied for the Transfer BONUS, a program through which technology-based SMEs or social economy enterprises in Berlin and Brandenburg can receive grants of up to €45,000. The funding is intended to finance research contracts conducted by scientists at Humboldt University. Through the research project, companies can further develop and finalize products or services, bringing them to market readiness.

Relief for over 3,000 medical practices received the Transfer BONUS and, in collaboration with Niels Pinkwart, Professor of Didactics and Computer Science at HU, developed the prototype. With this, the developers were able to efficiently promote and control the AI's learning process. Additionally, and the research team at HU evaluated language models to improve speech understanding. The AI is utilized as a digital practice assistant, answering and processing phone calls. The practice team receives the prioritized and processed data, saving time.

By now, thanks to the advancement of their product, can look at a user base of over 3,000 healthcare providers who experience significant relief through the technology.

Through the company, it becomes evident once again how versatile and supportive AI can be. Successfully, the team, together with Humboldt University, has translated academic knowledge into practice. The IHK magazine also reports on this: Berliner Wirtschaft October 2023 (

Interested in the Transfer BONUS? Then follow this link: Transfer BONUS: Förderung von Forschung & Entwicklung - IBB Business Team GmbH (; Transfer BONUS des Landes Berlin | Humboldt Innovation (

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