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Transfer BONUS of the State of Berlin

You are a technology oriented company based in Berlin? But you often lack the money for your innovative ideas? With the Transfer BONUS funding program, you can receive cost subsidies of up to EUR 45.000 for contract research projects that you implement in cooperation with Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin and Humboldt-Innovation GmbH. Up to 70 % cost allowance for your joint research and development activities!

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Transfer BONUS shall promote cooperation between Berlin technology-oriented SMEs as well as science and research institutions from Berlin or Brandenburg. Non-technology-oriented SMEs that want to implement a technology-oriented project are also eligible for funding. This funding is intended to facilitate the development of new products and services from the idea to marketability as well as qualitative improvements of existing products and processes for SMEs.

Transfer BONUS supports innovative Technology projects


How high is the subsidy?

The amount of funding depends on various factors. For example, it plays a role whether the technology-based project is still in the early stages or is already close to market maturity. It also makes a difference whether you want to develop a technology-based product or service or whether you want to carry out a digitalization project.

  • Cost transfer in the standard variant up to 70% or up to 15.000€ /digitization*: 45.000€ 
    (*exception entry-level variant: 100% up to 7.500€)
  • Order volume up to 15.000€ (project duration: up to 6 months / digitization*: up to 12 months)
  • Standard variant can be applied for up to 3 times in 3 years

Applying for the Transfer BONUS

  • Find suitable research partners using the Expert Knowledge Map provided by Humboldt-Innovation.  
  • Have Humboldt-Innovation's Research Service prepare an offer for the implementation of your desired contract research project (together with the research expert).
  • Submit the offer together with the application documents for Transfer BONUS funding.

Are you looking for a suitable research partner at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin? The Humboldt-Innovation helps you with the Expert Knowledge Map.

 Expert Knowledge Map


Further information on the eligibility criteria and how to apply can be found on the website of the IBB.

Website Transfer BONUS

Selection of Reference Projects

  • Prof. Niels Pinkwart
    Institute of Computer Science
    Prototype for increasing the learning efficiency and improving the control of an AI.
  • Prof. Dr. Emil List-Kratochvil
    Hybrid Devices Group (Institute of Physics, Institute of Chemistry & IRIS Adlershof)
    Optimization of an OLED technology for better commercialization.
  • Prof. Oliver Seitz
    Institut of Chemistry - Bioorganic Synthesis
    Development of new strategies for the synthesis and modification of biopolymers.
  • Prof. Joachim Fischer
    Institut of Computer Science - System Analysis, Modelling and Computer Simulation
    Current research and projects include metamodeling, SAFER, Kimwitu++, SITE, SimRing, software components and ODEMx.
  • Prof. W. Ted Masselink
    Institut of Physics - Elementary Excitation and Transport in Solids
    Novelsemiconductor heterostructures and nanostructures and their practical application.
  • Prof. Erhard Kemnitz
    Institut of Chemistry - Solid State Chemistry/ Heterogeneous Catalysis
    Nanometallic fluorides and their use in catalysis, optics and coatings.



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