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Voice analysis for heart detection

Noah Labs Projekt


It sounds a bit like science fiction, but it could soon become reality: the use of AI, which can detect a deterioration in heart health through voice analysis.

The startup Noah Labs, an alumni team from HU, has now received 1.5 million euros in funding from EIT Health to advance their project PRE-DETECT-HF through a study, by making the AI-based voice analysis tool usable for the early detection and treatment of heart failure. The project led by Noah Labs is carried out by a prestigious consortium of partners, including Maastricht University Medical Center+, Hospital Clinic Barcelona, DKV Salud, ProductLife Group, Institute for Policy Evaluation, IDIBAPS, and the German Foundation for Chronic Patients.

The randomized study, to be implemented in Barcelona and Maastricht, will span two years and involve approximately 200 patients. The study aims to assess the effectiveness of voice analysis in identifying early warning signs and predicting acute decompensated heart failure.

With their innovation, Noah Labs, who have outstanding expertise in AI-based solutions for cardiovascular disease management, have pioneered a non-invasive and cost-effective medical early detection approach in the field of heart health. Noah Labs could revolutionize the treatment of heart disease, leading to better patient care and significantly reduced hospitalization rates.

In light of the project, it becomes clear how great the potential of AI is for transforming healthcare. We warmly congratulate Noah Labs on this success!



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