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HI:LIGHTS: Inuru opens own factory: Interactive packaging in mass production soon?


Inuru Factory

Photo: (c) Startup Scene.

OLED (organic light-emitting diode) displays, which are paper-thin and recyclable, are promised by the startup Inuru, founded at Humboldt University in Berlin, aiming to contribute to a sustainable circular economy.

Interactive Packaging - Customers like Coca-Cola or Cattier Champagne

Currently, OLEDs are mainly applied to food packaging and clothing, adding a captivating touch. Surfaces are no longer static but in motion. The displays can be customized according to the respective product and brand. Well-known brands among Inuru's customers include Coca-Cola, Cattier Champagne, and Displate. Apart from that, OLEDs can be beneficial for medication packaging by indicating health-related information, ensuring consumers do not overlook it.

Opening of the Dragon Factory - Mass production of OLEDs planned

The production of OLEDs was, until Inuru revolutionized manufacturing, a costly affair. The innovative startup simplified production and now produces organic light-emitting diodes via printing, significantly reducing production costs.
Inuru now even has its own factory, the Dragon Factory, which is intended to enable mass production of OLED displays. On March 11, founders Marcin Ratajczak and Patrick Barkowski opened their factory in Wildau near Berlin. There, luminous, ultra-thin layers are printed onto PET plastic using a manufacturing process developed by Inuru. According to Ratajczak, OLEDs can thus be integrated into any imaginable surface or shape. Barkowski also states that soon, it will be possible to display interactive content on packaging. Production in the factory is fully automated on a single production line, reducing production costs by up to 90 percent compared to conventional production methods, according to the founders. This represents a revolution for the packaging industry.

Sustainable production of OLEDs

The sustainable production of Inuru's OLEDs is also an advantage: "Inuru can revolutionize the recycling system sustainably. By integrating reusable displays, packaging such as Tetra Paks could be reused and refilled with new content," says Ratajczak. Compared to conventional production, Inuru achieves energy savings of 67 percent and material savings of 99 percent. Furthermore, the startup avoids the use of toxic materials by making OLEDs from organically emitting materials. This results in a drastic reduction in the material footprint and also contributes to the sustainability of Inuru's OLEDs.

Inuru stands out in a significant way from competitors in the packaging industry with its innovative, cost-effective manufacturing and the uniqueness of its product, effectively monopolizing this type of product labeling. Inuru is another good example of how diverse and profitable sustainability can be in business.

Articles (DE): Inuru: Start-up entwickelt Verfahren für nachhaltigere und billigere OLED-Displays (; Inuru eröffnet erste Produktionshalle der neuartigen OLED-Displays - Business Insider

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