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Brand Launch of greenCHEM

The greenCHEM initiative has launched its new brand with an event on March 5. The aim of greenCHEM is to transform the chemical industry. The processes, which will be initiated in Berlin and Brandenburg, are intended to build up a European impact in the future in order to make the entire chemical industry more environmentally friendly in the long term. Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin is one of the initial partners of greenCHEM. 

Launch von greenCHEM

Goals of the greenCHEM initiative

The chemical industry should focus on the use of non-toxic and renewable resources in the future. In addition, chemical products are to be developed in such a way that they fit into the circular economy and are biodegradable. In this way, resources are to be conserved and environmental pollution reduced. However, raising awareness and involving current and future teachers, researchers and society is just as important for long-term success. 

Program of the greenCHEM initiative

Push innovations: Promoting the transfer of sustainable, chemical innovations from idea to application in industry is a key component of the strategy. New findings from the university environment are to be specifically supported until they are ready for the market.

Pull innovations: What does industry need? Together with industry and scientists, concrete solutions are to be sought from existing or newly initiated fields of research.

Teaching: The redesign of the study programs in the field of green chemistry should enable transformation from the very beginning. Students learn a combination of specialist and transfer skills in order to combine specialist knowledge in chemistry with a view to application in industry. However, the further training of industrial partners is also important and planned in order to influence the perspectives and transfer processes here too.

Strong network: greenCHEM is supported by 29 multisectoral partners and aims to promote exchange between key stakeholders in green chemistry.

Impact: The transformation of the chemical industry is being launched in the Berlin/Brandenburg metropolitan region. In the future, the results of the initiative will also be applied in Europe and strengthen the exchange.


You can find more information on the initiative's website:

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