Founder: Dr. Werner Moritz
Founded in: 2006
Department / Institute:

TLTS GmbH works in the field of thin film technology. In addition to the corresponding development work, the company's portfolio also includes the production of corresponding layers as well as the production and sale of sensors (especially chemical sensors). TLTS also provides further services resulting from the fields of activity. The company name TLTS is derived from the abbreviation for "Thin Layer Technology for Sensors".

Name Department / Institute Gründungsjahr Mentor
123Skins - Tortoise Design Chemistry 2007 Prof. Hecht
Belyntic GmbH Chemistry 2018 Prof. Seitz
CreativeQuantum GmbH Chemistry 2010 Prof. Rademann
Nanofluor Chemistry 2010 Prof. Kemnitz
Smarterials Technology GmbH Chemistry 2016 Prof. Hecht