CreativeQuantum GmbH

Founder: Dr. Marek Checinski
Alexander Kulesza
Johannes Israel
Tolga Ülkü
Founded in: 2010
Department / Institute:
Prof. Rademann

CreativeQuantum is an independent R&D service provider specialized in providing quantum chemistry-based services for chemical research and development. The Start-Up deals with the use of computer-aided simulations of properties and reactions of chemical substances on a molecular level. This allows raw material and energy efficient processes to be developed more promisingly. CreativeQuantum won the BPW Sustainability Award 2011 and was also awarded at the Science4Life VentureCup 2011 and IKT Gründerwettbewerb 2011.


Name Department / Institute Gründungsjahr Mentor
123Skins - Tortoise Design Chemistry 2007 Prof. Hecht
Belyntic GmbH Chemistry 2018 Prof. Seitz
Nanofluor Chemistry 2010 Prof. Kemnitz
Smarterials Technology GmbH Chemistry 2016 Prof. Hecht
TLTS GmbH Chemistry 2006