123Skins - Tortoise Design

Founder: Fabian Deschler
Gregor Moss
Simon Lee
Founded in: 2007
Department / Institute:
Prof. Hecht

123Skins manufactures custom design skins for electronic devices. This allows customers to design their mobile phone, notebook or MP3 player completely according to their personal taste. The self-adhesive films are perfectly adapted to the respective device dimensions.

Design foils from Tortoise Design: 

  • Extremely robust high-gloss protective layer 
  • Foolproof installation through: "Slideable Technology"
  • No bubble formation 
  • Removable without residue 
  • Huge choice of designs or create your "own design
  • Each design foil is cut to fit your device with millimetre precision
  • large selection of dimensioned devices 
  • Individual dimensioning on request 
  • An extraordinary gift idea for friends, family and co.


Name Department / Institute Gründungsjahr Mentor
Belyntic GmbH Chemistry 2018 Prof. Seitz
CreativeQuantum GmbH Chemistry 2010 Prof. Rademann
Nanofluor Chemistry 2010 Prof. Kemnitz
Smarterials Technology GmbH Chemistry 2016 Prof. Hecht
TLTS GmbH Chemistry 2006