Founder: Prof. Erhard Kemnitz
Founded in: 2010
Department / Institute:
Prof. Kemnitz

Prof. Erhard Kemnitz is developing a homogeneous, transparent coating that is only a few atomic layers thick, has a much better anti-reflective effect and is also more scratch-resistant and stable than all known materials. On top of that, it is more cost-effective and energy-saving than existing alternatives.

On the basis of the metal fluoride sols that have been made accessible, completely new technological perspectives are opening up in the field of antireflective coating of architectural glass, photovoltaic modules, optical and ophthalmological lens systems, the production of high-performance ceramics and transparent fluoride full ceramics, anti-corrosion coating of aluminium materials and even novel dental product applications.

Name Department / Institute Gründungsjahr Mentor
123Skins - Tortoise Design Chemistry 2007 Prof. Hecht
Belyntic GmbH Chemistry 2018 Prof. Seitz
CreativeQuantum GmbH Chemistry 2010 Prof. Rademann
Smarterials Technology GmbH Chemistry 2016 Prof. Hecht
TLTS GmbH Chemistry 2006