Science Meets Business


The event series "Science Meets Business" organized by Humboldt-Innovation and the Service Center Research of Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin offers university researchers and representatives from companies (but also from the public sector) a platform for a topic-specific exchange on applied research. The aim is to initiate joint projects.

The presentation of current research results, the introduction of existing development issues and the in-depth discussions among the participants help them to develop ideas for possible cooperation and thus make use of existing innovation potential. Researchers of the university as well as interested companies can contact us at any time with suggestions for topics.


Sebastian Kiss
+49 30 2093 70764

Series events

Translational Bioinformatics 2021

Translational bioinformatics brings together bioinformatics, medical informatics and statistical genetics. It offers great potential for novel diagnostic and therapeutic approaches in medicine.

Natural Language Processing for Corporate Communications

This event offers the researchers and company representatives working on applications of the machine processing of natural language for corporate communications a platform for discussing current NLP developments and exploring possibilities for cooperation.

Human Resources

How do companies find the right employees? Which values, incentives and structures are necessary or hindering for employee retention? Researchers from the HU presented their findings on these questions at this event, thus providing new impulses for strategic human resources management.