betterbackpacking UG

Founder: Louit Lippstreu
Maximilian Rath
Philipp Gmach
Hai Dang
Founded in: 2017

betterbackpacking is a young and interactive platform for authentic travel and also a tour operator. Our tripartite segmentation has a name: travel, learn and live.

In the travelPart, selected local guides have the opportunity to present themselves on personal profiles and sell their tours. All tours can be individualised. Currently we have guides in Northern India, Nepal and Mallorca.

Furthermore, the learnPart is about providing information. Here the traveller gets access to country- and culture-specific information, to field reports and
on offers for internal and external services. Here, anyone can add and modify, so this section is always up to date.

In the livePart we make announcements for new guides, new countries, new blog articles etc. In addition, we want to connect bbpEnsemble members who are looking for fellow travellers.

The special thing about bbp is the unique combination of these three parts and the
resulting synergy effects. For us, backpacking stands for a feeling of freedom, openness and tolerance. A feeling of travelling, of experiencing and getting to know what it is like to backpack. We want to be THE central point of contact on the Internet, with its function as a cultural interface and its social added value.

Name Department / Institute Gründungsjahr Mentor
Belegmeister GmbH Computer Science 2013 Prof. Freytag
by the ways GmbH Computer Science 2022
Quouch Psychology 2023 Prof. Ziegler
Retrac GmbH 2021 Prof. Kehrer
TripLegend Economics 2020 Prof. Lessmann