VLab Berlin

Founder: Dieu Linh Dao, Julia Behrens
Founded in: 2017
Department / Institute:
Cultural Studies
Prof. Vincent Houben

As a social entrepreneur spin-off of the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (HU) Germany, VLab is offering business solutions in the field of intercultural training for management and professionals. Beside, we are a Non-Profit active supporter of the Vietnamese-German education and cultural transfer.
In cooperation with the HU among others we strive to transfer and apply research based knowledge and insights into economy, politics and modern society. Our team Prof. Dr. Vincent Houben (Senior Advisor) and the two founders Julia Behrens (M.Litt). and Dieu Linh Dao (M.A.) create spaces for businesses, institutions and individuals, either in professional or private context, to get involved with recent developments in Vietnam, Southeast Asia and Germany. VLab sees itself as bridge connecting diverse groups. It locates itself as an independent expert with its roots and extended network in academia. We think in times of high-speed global interconnectedness it is crucial to base plans and activities on intercultural knowledge in order to become more successful.