Visualink UG

Founder: Benitez Terreu, Gemma
Hagel, Clara
Ji, Wen-Min
Founded in: 2021
Department / Institute:
Library & Information Sciences
Prof. Dr. Greifeneder

Visualink creates visual solutions for presenting and communicating content in the humanities. The Visualink editor provides users with an innovative graphical language that is especially suited for visualizing abstract concepts and complex problems.

In the humanities and the qualitative-oriented social sciences, ideas and theories have been communicated almost exclusively through text. This is time-consuming and for many people not accessible. Up to now, there are very few suitable methods of graphical representation, or the depth of these methods is inadequate for the content. Team Visualink is therefore developing a visual language whose content can be systematically combined into diagrams in the Visualink editor. The drag-and-drop principle is easy to use, even for inexperienced users, and thus enables immediate integration into everyday academic work.

The ability to create visual notes supports thought processes and scientific reading and writing. Complex theories and argumentative structures can be communicated faster and better through presentation of the graphics. This helps to interest people outside of universities in humanities content and thus enables more participation and exchange. In the longer term, users will be able to store their content in the cloud, edit it collaboratively, and share it via a library of graphics.

Name Department / Institute Gründungsjahr Mentor UG (haftungsbeschränkt) Library & Information Sciences 2015 Prof. Petras
Yomiko GbR Library & Information Sciences 2010 Prof. Seadle