Founder: Rami Shacour
Ehab Shakour
Yousef Badran
Founded in: 2018
Department / Institute:

INNOSPHERE is developing an innovative medical device with which brain areas can be stimulated to treat cognitive disorders such as ADHD. The goal is to develop a home wearable device for children and adolescents with ADHD. The unique and patented technology of InnoSphere opens doors for a variety of examinations that were not possible before. Clinical studies are currently being conducted and the first customers include King's College of London and the University of Oxford.

Name Department / Institute Gründungsjahr Mentor
Acuros Biology 2006 Prof. Ehwald
Alganize Biology 2023 Prof. Grimm
CellDEG GmbH Biology 2016 Prof. Steuer
Cyano Biofuels GmbH Biology 2007 Prof. Kramer
Cyano Biotech Biology 2004 Prof. Börner
Solaga UG (haftungsbeschränkt) Biology 2015 Prof. Arenz