Founder: Alica Paeske,
Julia von Oy,
Aljoscha Scherner,
Anna Wierzbicka
Founded in: 2021
Department / Institute:
Social Sciences
Prof. Wegener

sPERANTO offers companies the opportunity to create prospects for young people from socially deprived areas worldwide and to assume social responsibility.

We offer companies a complete CSR package, in which we take over the project planning,
-implementation and documentation through 360 degree videos, AR, VR. We provide this time-saving and creative solution to companies with the involvement of their employees, to strengthen their brand and increase sales. This meets the ever-increasing demand of their customers to act in a socially responsible manner.

For this purpose, sPERANTO conduct sustainable one-month empowerment projects worldwide in crisis areas with local cooperation partners, focusing on personality development through dance and music for socially disadvantaged and traumatized youth.