Innovation Network for Advanced Materials e. V.

Antonia Caraveteanu
Managing Director


Lab to Market - Ideation Workshop

Lab to Market Workshop

LAB TO MARKET is a program for researchers in Advanced Materials considering commercialising their technology.

The program starts with an Ideation Workshop ("Does my scientific invention have market potential?"). If after the workshop you think "YES, my invention should go from Lab to Market!", you will be invited to apply to the full program:

Full Program

Who should participate?

  • Researchers in Advanced Materials and future entrepreneurs who want to understand the business potential of their scientific idea and start working on business plan.
  • Researchers who want to see their inventions applied outside of the lab, at industrial scale, via collaborations with industrial partners.
  • Researchers looking to expand their network outside of academia.

The Workshop will cover:

  • The difference between innovation and invention
  • An approach to innovation: outcomes driven approach
  • A framework for problem-solving and generating use scenarios