Sennect UG

Founder: Damjan Goldt
Jörg Paschke-Goldt
Founded in: 2015
Department / Institute:
Rehabilitation Sciences

Sennect UG (haftungsbeschränkt) was founded with the aim to help people to live healthier and happier lives. Even small changes in lifestyle are sometimes enough to have far-reaching effects on health and well-being. We want to motivate people to holistically promote their health and well-being.
Wellio is a comprehensive concept that helps people achieve their goals and live healthier lives. The first part of this concept is the health portal This portal summarises the most important scientific findings on healthy and happy living in useful tips and articles whose recommendations can be easily integrated into everyday life. These recommendations are an integral part of the Wellio App, which contains many psychological mechanisms to maintain and increase motivation. It accompanies users in their everyday life and makes it easier for them not to lose sight of their goals.
Many users use the app to achieve short-term goals - for example, to increase motivation to go to the gym regularly. Through targeted information, users are sensitized to different areas of holistic healthy living, so that sustainable and far-reaching changes in behavior can take place. Because these areas influence each other and are decisive for how fit or even satisfied and happy we feel. It is aimed at increasing the intrinsic "inner" motivation to do something good for oneself.