Quantiox GmbH

Founder: Prof. Dr. W. Ted Masselink
Dr. Mykhaylo Semtsiv
Heike Voss
Founded in: 2008
Department / Institute:
Prof. Masselink

QC lasers with emission around 3-15µm open new applications in the field of gas detection in environmental protection, industry and medicine. Due to their high efficiency, QCL structures are suitable for infrared illumination of skin and other organic structures, thus opening up medical applications such as the detection of skin cancer.

Technological Accomplishments:

  • Wavelength: Record 3 μm to 12 μm
  • Design: Especially advantageous in first atmospheric window, 3-5 μm
  • Growth & Processing: Two growth systems, full in-house processing and testing
  • Power: State of the Art
  • Beam Quality: Best reported, nearly diffraction limited


Name Department / Institute Gründungsjahr Mentor
elena international GmbH Physics 2019 Prof. Kurths
greateyes Physics 2008 Prof. Röder
Newsenselab GmbH Physics 2016 Prof. Wessel
Prior Art Publishing GmbH Physics 2009