Luksit GmbH & Co. KG

Founder: Julia Gedeon
Valentina Luspai
Niclas Hillgemann
Founded in: 2019
Department / Institute:
Life Science
Prof. Ziegler

Failure to fill vacant positions and incorrect personnel deployment cost medium-sized companies in Germany alone up to 50 billion euros annually. At the moment, only 30% of the existing competencies are actually used. War for talents and digital change require a targeted use of competencies. Often, however, companies lack the knowledge about existing competencies in order to use them effectively. The skilldetektor, an innovative HR software solution from Luksit, uses a scientifically based procedure to record and make use of precisely these hidden competencies throughout the company. Through transparency it is possible to redistribute existing resources internally and to use them optimally. A company-wide transfer of knowledge is thereby promoted. The skilldetektor supports managers with well-founded analyses in their decisions and helps to get to know and support employees better. In the long term, costs are reduced and employee satisfaction is promoted sustainably.