judict GmbH

Founder: Jan Zimmermann
Friedrich Kliebenstein
Max Schoen
Founded in: 2022
Department / Institute:
Prof. Dr. Akbik

We from judict rethink the way EU law is researched. Our vision is to create a comprehensive database for researching EU law. Currently, EU law research is inefficient. Resources and information are scattered in different places. Different interrelated content is not linked. As a result users are left with uncertainty about the comprehensiveness and relevance of the information collected.

judict has set itself the goal of tackling this problem. In judict’s database, all relevant information is centralised and presented in a user-friendly way. This is done with the help of NLP techniques (natural language processing). By offering a comprehensive overview of the relevant information, judict helps its clients to keep track of the available material and to increase the quality of their research results.