Our start-up courses for Bachelor's, Master's and researchers provide the tools for entering the start-up world - including credit points..

Startup traineeship - do your own thing! 

Do your own thing, is an advice that many of us have heard before. With regard to starting up a business, it is a well-intentioned recommendation that aims at trusting in one's own strengths and implementing the innovative visions as purposefully as possible. However, the typical make-your-own-thing rhetoric often ignores the problems and challenges involved in implementing ideas and founding a start-up.
With the help of a comprehensive range of courses, important specialist and methodological knowledge is imparted to students and researchers from all departments. The aim is to pave the way from the business idea to the foundation of your own company.

Course Overview

Humboldt's Venture Workshops

Humboldt's Venture Workshops convey innovation and creativity methods as well as important tools for developing ideas and innovations. The two-stage model of the Venture Workshops initially teaches theoretical principles, which are then applied in a practical manner in the Transfer Labs. In the Transfer Labs, you will meet representatives of regional companies to work on real-life problems from the field.

Course Overview


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Startup Programm

Humboldt Startup Programme

In the Prepare, Launch and Grow phases, the Humboldt Startup Programme enables the successful realisation of the start-up idea with the support of Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin.


Funding & Financing

Within the framework of the Humboldt Startup Programme, the Prepare Phase, the Launch Phase including the Berlin Startup Grant and EXIST, offers attractive sponsorships for all start-up phases*. We also support funded startups in securing follow-up financing.


Startup Incubators

Our startup incubators in Mitte and Adlershof offer the necessary infrastructure and exchange platform for successful company development.

Coaching & Mentoring

Consulting, Mentoring & Coaching

External expertise and experience are essential for a successful startup.Our startup consultants and our entire network of coaches and academic mentors are available for this purpose.

Alumni Nwetzwerk

Alumni Network


Startup Portfolio

Over 130 companies have already been founded with the support of Humboldt-Innovation.