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Results BPW-Berlin Brandenburg

14.07.2009 The Humboldt-Spin-Off myParfuem wins first place at BPW 3rd round

Humboldt Spin-Off myParfuem beats the competition at the Businessplan-Competition Berlin Brandenburg and wins first place.

It all began at a friend’s birthday party. A couple of girlfriends talked about their perfumes while one of them reported having just met another woman wearing “her” brand new fragrance. The founders Yannis Niebelschütz, Patrick Wilhelm and Matti Niebelschütz started discussing about how to avoid “Scent-Doubles”. At that point the idea of MyParfuem was born.

Isn’t it possible for anybody to create his or her very own perfume? Your own fragrance, which surely no one else in the world would have? You can easily express yourself by wearing different combinations of fashion, but there is no way to individually express yourself by your scent.

Following this thought the team developed a concept which didn’t let them sleep anymore. They told friends about it and they were absolutely amazed. Creating your very own fragrance? That's innovation!

The myParfuem team continued to work on the concept and launched their website in August 2008 to offer everybody the chance to develop his or her own perfume.

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