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Forum for excellent young scientists: INTERNET OF THINGS

01.09.2015 6 scientists – 6 pitches – 6 prizes (3 x 10,000 euros, 3 x 2,000 euros) The annual „Forum for excellent young scientists“, organised by Stiftung Industrieforschung in cooperation with Humboldt-Innovation GmbH, offers an opportunity to young researchers to present their original research results as well as solutions relevant to practical problems.

This year, the researchers (Ph.D. students, post-docs, professors) from Berlin/Brandenburg can present their research that focuses on the internet of things and its applications. The forum’s goal is to strengthen the knowledge and technology transfer between science and business. The scientists that present their work will receive the jury’s feedback as well as financial support for their future research.

The internet of things connects objects and allows them to perceive their environment, to react to it as well as to communicate with other objects and exchange data and information. Possible applications can be found in the industrial sector (e. g. plant control systems), in logistics, in medicine and even in our daily life. For example, a fridge can check if it’s empty and order new food if necessary, or a heating system is able to heat automatically only when the flat’s occupant is present according to his or her smartphone’s GPS data. Research on the internet of things encompasses, amongst other topics, the development of applications and of the required sensors as well as the improvement of security and the analysis of the newly created data.   

Researchers present
This year’s “Forum of excellent young scientists” on the topic “internet of things” will take place:

  am 19 November 2015 at 02:30 pm
  im Erwin Schrödinger-Zentrum im Raum 0‘119 in Adlershof.
Six researchers present their work in 20 minutes each (10 min. presentation and 10 min. discussion). In the end, the expert jury decides which of the presentations are most convincing and suitable for (prospective) entrepreneurial practice.

Researchers win prizes of up to 10,000 euros
The top three participants will be awarded 10,000 euros each by Stiftung Industrieforschung, which may be used to support their respective research projects. The remaining participants will be awarded 2,000 euros each as a recognition of their efforts.

Easy application
All researchers interested in participating in the event can apply by sending in a short summary of their research field, as well as a short CV. The most promising six applications will be chosen among all applicants. 

You can find more information and the opportunity to apply here (in german):

Download Veranstaltungsposter PDF