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HU profits from its entrepreneurial spirit

22.07.2015 Successful startups help increase the university's prestige.

A few days ago, Wirtschaftswoche published a ranking of universities based on companies' impressions on which university's graduates are best suited to their needs as employers. Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin is ranked highly in almost all of the subjects it offers, in particular in economics and law. 

Closely related to the graduates' success is the topic of spin-off management. Jan-Hendrik Olbertz, HU's president, explains his view of what defines a graduate: "Applying science to real-world problems in economy and society is an art". Those of HU's members who are interested in founding their own company can count on the support of HU's spin-off management team and Humboldt-Innovation. Not only the entrepreneurs benefit from their success, however: so do the university and its students, since ambitious and research-based spin-offs increase the university's reputation in the eyes of employees.

To visit Wirtschaftswoche's article (in German) and the university ranking, click here.