Spin-Off Session FOKUS

20.11.2013 | 19:00 Uhr - HU-Gründerhaus MITTE

Date:                    Nov 20th, 2013
Time:                    7-9 pm
Place:                   HU Gründerhaus, Luisenstr. 53, 10117 Berlin

We write blogs for two main reasons:

Google loves original, timely, relevant content and it rewards you by increasing your search engine ranking.
Customers, users, future users come on your site and want to read interesting things
To Google it’s important to write regular and timely blogs on the subjects that matter to your users, future users and customers.
In this workshop, you’ll come away with at least one completed blog entry and ideas for three more.
You will also begin to develop a story that can be used in your own explainer video.

This free workshop is given by Peter Merrick Ph.D. Peter has worked in software development for many years, and he’s just finished working with Scolibri for nine months where he’s coached on public presentation, business plan writing, he’s their blog author, made their explainer video and filled up their backlog with stories the programmers have turned into code. Peter is a trained storyteller, an author and a performer.

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