MakeSense @HU Berlin

10.05.2012 | 12:00 Uhr - HU Berlin, Spandauer Strasse 1, Raum 22

If you’re still wondering what Social Entrepeneurship exactly is..
If you’d like to know who are the key-players in it at Humboldt University, learn about the Berlin-based community of social innovators&startups and meet a cool international social project … Then this is the right event for you!

It will be three hours of presentations, workshops, talks, networking. You will meet there the Humboldt Innovation, Net Impact Berlin Students and MakeSense with its SenseSchool project. We will bring together four social entrepeneurs (see below) and connect them with you! In addition, four workshops (Hold-Ups) animated by MakeSense will take place simultaneously to solve challenges of these entrepeneurs.

A rewarding ocassion for curious students and social busineness enthusiasts. We assure you fun and the opportunity to exchange directly with the social entrepeneurs, learn of jobs and internships possibilities and discover new insights to entrepeneurship and economics.

Elefunds -
A company founded by FU students, see the describing article (German) on the webpage of the FU Berlin.

Coffee Circle -
Comercializes direct trade coffee from Ethiopien, conducting diverse development projects with the producers back there (focusing in health and education). Coffee Circle is already a quite well established business (you will realize it through the website and videos).

Quartiermeister -
The local beer, that supports the local community with every bottle sold.

Transfair -
Transfair is a company with a very strong social component. Its director started founding when he still was a student at Zeppelin University.

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