AUSGEBUCHT!FORTH meets Humboldt – Design Thinking Class @ BERLIN

17.09.2013 | 08:00 Uhr - Berlin

Berlin is one of the current start-up hot spots in Europe. The caravan moves East, bringing many creative minds to town. Nevertheless the most productive and sustainable source of young entrepreneurs is Berlin's rich academic landscape, bringing many new spin-offs to market every year.

But – have you ever thought of where all these ideas do come from? Well, there are certainly those extraordinary seasoned individuals with exceptional bright mind. And then those truly born as entrepreneur. But do they count up for all new ideas and start-ups? No, certainly not. It's about observing, identifying demands and satisfying them. In a clear process. Sounds simple.

So how do you create and implement new concepts? Or products, or services, or business models?
How do you tackle and solve problems? And how do you tell it your boss (if it is not you).
Here comes the concept of Design Thinking, originally coming to birth in California (where else as in the valley) and being subject to evolution in many ways in the past years. One evolution path formed the succesful FORTH Innovation Method which is now being taught and practiced in Berlin, too – under the umbrella of Humboldt-Innovation's Spin-Off SCHOOL and in cooperation with its inventor, Gijs van Wulfen and Design Professor Katja Tschimmel from the ESAD Superior School of Art and Design.

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